About ME


About ME

Yasmine Bilkis Ibrahim is the Executive Director of Girl Up Vine Club Sierra Leone; the first United Nations (UN) foundation campaign Girl Up Club in Sierra Leone that aims to promote the health, safety, leadership and education of adolescent girls through community outreach, advocacy and public speaking workshops. Girl Up Vine Club Sierra Leone was founded in 2016 and our main projects are menstrual hygiene management, digital rights and computer literacy and gender sexual based violence.

Yasmine is the Creative Director of Mina Bilkis which offers services in language tutoring, translation consultancies and photography. She is also the owner of Ori (from Sierra Leone)which is a natural unisex shea butter product for body and hair. 

Yasmine’s educational background is in French (with a concentration in Translation) and Global Health.


Yasmine is an educator, blogger, feminist and podcaster. As an embodiment of all four, she believes in nurturing and stimulating young minds and that no act of change is small. Everyone has a part to play to change their community and make it better.


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